Summer Deals in the Coupon world

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Jul 2nd, 2014
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Summer is such a great time.  The weather is warm, there are shows to go to, and parties to throw.  Department stores use the opportunity that the season brings to cash in on the unsuspecting consumer.  That is why I always encourage my readers to keep a sharp eye out for summer savings.  Yes, it’s a time of picnics and gatherings, but that doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket.  Here are some tips to help you save this summer season.  After all, what kind of queen would I be, if I didn’t keep my subjects continuously informed, eh?

How coupons help you save money

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Jun 14th, 2014
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Whether it’s a bargain or a deal, a steal, or a save, we love getting them.  And the more we get them, the more we start to look for even more savings.  As I have been on this never-ending coupon quest for about twelve years now, I understand, and completely sympathize.  Our craving for discounts and bargains may seem practically pathological to outsiders- but any collector will tell you, they live by coupons. (more…)

Internet Coupons: an Untapped Market

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Jun 2nd, 2014
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Who doesn’t love a good deal?  We all love a good deal.  Coupon fanatics such as myself, love deals, because we can feed our otherwise unchecked shopping habits.  Saving can be just as much of an addiction as shopping can, trust me.  When I’m on a quest for good bargains, in my mind, it is reminiscent of great hunts in the exotic safari.  Maybe it’s not quite that compelling in real life, but I also prefer scissors and paper to guns and pelts anyway.

Where Would You Find Hookah Pen Coupons From?

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Aug 23rd, 2014
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Where Would You Find Hookah Pen Coupons From?

While it is true that the hookah pen is a much safer alternative to smoking, the potential for you to find coupons through some traditional means may be hard for you to do. That’s because these pens are known to be used in the same way as cigarettes. While they are not addictive and are not going to contain nicotine or other commonly dangerous materials like with traditional cigarettes, they are still things that are smoked and as a result coupons for these products will often be harder to find in some places.


However, hookah pen coupons may be available if you go online to look for them. There are many places that you can choose from and you can easily find those spots by simply making a few searches.


Hookah Pen

You can go online to any search engine to find coupons for these pens. After this, you should find many third party coupon codes that can provide you with good discounts on different hookah products that you can order online. These typically entail discounts on all sorts of devices. You’ll have to enter in one of these codes in the checkout section of wherever it is you go but it should not be all that hard to do if you use the right ideas.


The discounts that you can get are typically going to provide you with values of about twenty percent off of different hookah items. There are also some free accessory and shipping offers that may be made available to you. The things that are to be offered will vary based on where you go so it helps to at least shop around and compare options with one another to see what is around.


Can You Get Them Elsewhere?


You could also get some of these coupons through different hookah websites themselves. For instance, if you went to a Hookah Pen website like then you might find some discounts that come with values that were created by the website itself. These websites often create their own special discounts as a means of encouraging more people to come along and look at whatever is open.


Recurring Offers Are Open


Hookah PenOne popular thing that many hookah pen companies like to make involves the use of recurring customer deals. That is, you might find a coupon inside the package of something that you order. This can be good for a discount on a future order for something like new pens or cartridges. Many of these companies will do what they can in order to retain their customers and will offer some good deals of all kinds.


It isn’t all that hard for you to get hookah coupons if you know where to go. Sure, the general public has not quite caught on to the fact that it is a much safer thing to do than to smoke actual cigarettes, but the fact is that you could still get some good deals if you look online and find some quality products that are open for sale. The recurring offers may be of use to you as well.

How Can You Save With a PTAC?

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Jul 17th, 2014
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PTCACA packaged terminal air conditioner can be a great product to have in the home. It can help you cool off any room in your home. You can find many different models for all parts of the home through all sorts of top-name brands. It’s a great product to have in the home but you need to be certain that you get a model that comes for what you really need. Fortunately, the things you can do to save money with a PTAC will not be all that hard to accomplish.


Much of this involves the way how a PTAC can use less energy if you choose one right. This will help you to save on the cost of the unit in the long run. It can really be important for whatever it is you want to have in your home.


Watch For the Size


The first thing to do when saving money is to watch for the BTUs that a unit can create. A model that has more British Thermal Units will be better for a larger room. Always measure the size of your room and compare it with the BTUs it really requires as a model with more of these units in use will be more expensive to have in the home.


Find the Controls


You can save money on the cost of using a PTAC if you have a model that uses electronic controls. This will allow you to not only set the exact temperature of a model but to also adjust the times when it will turn on and off. You can even set times when the temperature will automatically move up or down. If you have a useful model that is easy to control then you might find that it will cost less to use because you won’t be using more energy on it than necessary at varying times.


Look At the EER


If you want to get an Amana PTAC or other unit from then you need to check on the EER of that unit. The Energy Efficiency Rating Refers to the amount of energy consumed. If a unit consumes less energy when it cools off then it will have a higher EER.


This is a great measurement but you might want to see if a strong unit like this is protected. The problem that so many of these high-EER units have is that they are often going to have more dirt and debris getting stuck in their coils. This is often due to the lightweight nature of some of these models. This threat can keep a unit from working as well as it is supposed to.


Therefore, you should see how the body of such a unit is made. If it wears out fast then it might not save you as much money as you might think it could.


A PTAC can be great to have in a home but it will be even better if you know how to save money with it. If you use a PTAC the right way then you might find that it will be rather affordable and easy to use.



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